13 Dec 2011

Lol (better)

Acrylic, varnish and transfer on board, each 42 x 59cms

Kick it and swear until it does what you want.

Inkjet print on paper on board 80 x 55cms


Inkjet print on paper on board. 80 x 55cms

7 Dec 2011


Acrylic, varnish and transfer on two boards. Each 42x59cms

4 Dec 2011

Have You Seen My Vase?

Acrylic and transfer on board, 59.5 x 42cms

27 Nov 2011

Don't be silly

Unsure about this just yet. Made from a stock image and a photocopier

25 Nov 2011

22 Nov 2011

New Work

Say What?! I've updated.
Oil and acrylic on canvas 142x112 cms

28 Jul 2011

About 2 Results (0.34 Seconds) part 4

Marlboro Man, and Marlboro Man
Meat Advert, and Meat Advert

27 Jul 2011

About 2 Results (0.34 Seconds) part 3

Viral Cats, screen prints around the bar.

22 Jul 2011

About 2 Results (0.34 Seconds) part 2

They Gave Up, No Longer News
I'm considering using this as a recurring piece of work, each time with different recently finished news, although it was initially conceived with this space in mind. This photo also shows Adam's Fake Neon Sign. The rest of his work from the show can be seen here: http://adammnjones.tumblr.com/

20 Jul 2011

About 2 Results (0.34 Seconds) part 1

About 2 Results (0.34 Seconds) was a joint show by myself and Adam Jones a couple of weeks ago at the Toilet Gallery. Almost all of the work was created in the two months prior to the opening, and specifically for this show.
The following photos show the centrepiece of the exhibition, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Interwebs! This is the first time we have created a collaborative piece, he wasn't half as stressy as I'd expected.
The interwebs we've built are made up of three main elements, the main server, the data center, and the telescreens. These are al fully connected to ensure the highest interweb downlink speeds.
Oh, also, it's gas powered. Part 2 coming soon!

22 May 2011

27 Mar 2011

Aftermath of No Winks

The main area of the room
My work, As I remember it
Mari's paintings, the Sex Tent, and Super Mario Balls The desk of Bobbins


12 Mar 2011

No Winks

So as of 9am Monday the sleep deprivation project Adam Jones and I have been organising will be go. We will be awake creating work for 96 straight hours, and lucky for you folks, its all going to be streamed live! nowinks.co.uk

27 Feb 2011

Phil Griffin Fan Club Welcome pack

This is the welcome pack we put together to welcome new members of the phil griffin fan club. It includes a t-shirt (available in small or medium), a badge, a mask of Phil's face, a DVD of Phil Griffin, A Life Worth Living, a letter from Phil and a membership card.

20 Feb 2011

Phil Griffin, A Life Worth Living

Here is the video that is included as a DVD in the Phil Griffin Fan Club welcome pack. A group project that I have recently been a part of.
A photo of the rest of the merchandise will be posted soon

17 Jan 2011

Marlboro cowboy

Unisex Fish Headband. You Want It.

Going on sale wednesday! Arrive early to avoid disappointment.
Limited edition 1 of 1