28 Jun 2010


I found a sketchbook dating from when i was 17 just full of doodles and sketches. Here are a selection of my favourites. I don't think they were ever intended to be seen, but I think they're interesting.

20 Jun 2010

Caffeine fuelled foolery

Here's just some more sketchbook nonsense. Not long until I'll be back in a studio now. Found some gold leaf though, and discovered just how difficult it is to use

12 Jun 2010


Here's the next instalment of sketchbook nonsense. Can't wait to get to the studio in Swansea now so I can start realising some of these ideas fully.

6 Jun 2010


Some further experiments into the effects of monochrome red. These are film stills washed over with red gauche. The top and bottom black bars really aren't conceptually needed here to reference the cinema, but they tie the images down I think.