23 Jul 2010

The studio

Behold how much space I have all to myself. It's so worth being homeless in Swansea to get to use this much space to paint in.
It's ok to be jealous.

20 Jul 2010

Glorious Appropriation

These four canvases are appropriated straight from the pages of Cornelia Van Rijswijk's sketchbook. I knew as soon as I saw those pages that this had to be done, it's not often that a chance for such irony presents itself.

16 Jul 2010

Works In Progress

So these are what I've been working on over the last week. They need to be left to dry now before being washed over with red. I'm rather enjoying being back in a studio, it feels much better. And couch surfing is much nicer this year than last year, weirdly.
Anyway, hope you enjoy these premature forms